Have you ever thought about the difference between the non-natural and natural cosmetic product? About the components or ingredients in it? What is it made of?


Let’s first think about the crucial issue: Are we fair enough to our mother Earth? We get all needed units from her to make our life more comfortable and sustainable. Shouldn’t we pay her back? At least what we can do is to start think green. If you choose organic cosmetics, you are definitely contributing to saving the environment. Nature is much less burdened. Just because the end products are made from raw materials that have a purely natural basis. No chemicals are added to them. In addition, the production is gentle, so there is no, or only minimal, waste generated during it, which would be a burdensome element for nature and the mother Earth from an ecological point of view.


The reason why the natural cosmetics costs you a little bit more than the non-natural one is because of the carefully selected ingredients that are unique and not able to manufacture artificially. And here we cross another crucial issue… did you know that skin becomes resistant to some artificial ingredients? Our body develops a resistance to the active substances contained in non-natural cosmetic products and their effectiveness decreases after a longer period of use. Also, the “unwanted” components accumulate in the body.

As for the natural ones, it is unlikely that the skin will develop resistance to them. That is why our products are very effective thanks to its high content of natural ingredients that are gentle and create a great synergy with nature and your skin!


Annabis has the widest portfolio among the European natural cosmetic brands and we built our reputation on the benefits of this unique synergy. We distinguish a several lines all using a superb quality organic hemp oil with combination of active natural substances:

  • Active Movement Line – for care of your joints, muscles, cartilage, tendons and articular ligaments. Shop here.
  • Whole Body Care Line – any skin irregularities and its care – we have the Look here.
  • Bioactive Cosmetic Line – age with grace! Pamper your skin with the right natural products! Check for the creams and anti-aging products here.
  • Bath & Shower Line – 100% natural care for your skin all over your body.
  • Nutrition – 100% raw hemp seed oil cold-pressed, with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids and a unique balance between Omega 3-6-9.


High specialization, professionalism and intense orientation to customers have enabled a dynamic development of the company and its place among market leaders.

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