The Christmas rush is over and the season of resolutions begins. How many times did you say to yourself that you would be nicer to yourself, would relax a little more, and, in addition not only take care of the whole family but you would take care of yourself as well?

Make it a priority this year. You deserve it. Many people live under stress and focus only on their performance. It happens that if we don’t take time for ourselves, our body does remind us when we least expect it. Prevention is more pleasant than solving an acute problem. The new year is an opportunity to start again and better. Make a commitment and pamper yourself.

How to do it?

Everyone has a different idea of ideal relaxation. Some people prefer a bubble bath and others love walking in the mountains. Try different things and choose the best for you. However, don’t forget that care begins in your mind and mental well-being is the foundation of self-care alone.


What goes through your head every day? Can you work with your mind? You can turn it off and rest? If you answered no to most of these questions, it might be time to try journaling. What is it and how does it help?

The principle is simple. The best is to freely write down your thoughts in the morning after waking up. All of them, without censorship. You let them flow and transfer them to paper without thinking. “How do you feel, what will happen at work again, what do you have to do/arrange in the afternoon.” Anything that goes in your mind. If you are worried about your privacy and are afraid that someone will read your notes, you can easily crumple them up and throw them away or stick the described sheets together with glue.

Do not mistake this for writing a diary. Do not read it to yourself or let anyone else read it. These notes serve only you at the given moment and relieve you of unnecessary thoughts and stress. Some people prefer to write in the evening to clear their heads before going to bed. Try for yourself what works best for you. Write at least for a week and you will see if it brings any changes in your life.


What could be better in winter than soaking in a hot bath? A hot shower only quickly washes away the stress of everyday life. Whether you prefer a bath or a shower, hot water delivers relaxing effects for almost everyone. And why not create a pleasant spa atmosphere at home for a fraction of the price? Just a few candles, nice music, and quality natural oil.

To the bath – add one pump of your favorite Cannol Organic Hemp or Cannol Organic Almond oils and your skin will get a soft and smooth touch.

After the shower – just massage a preferred amount of the oil into the skin. Quickly absorbs, does not stick, and does not leave an unpleasant oil coating.


This natural holistic tool is used to massage the face and the whole body. A simple technique of massage together with the specific shape of the stone helps to stimulate blood circulation and lymph, thanks to where the relaxing effects can occur almost immediately. The skin is immediately after the massage supple, well hydrated, and fresh. Facial massage has a positive effect on our psyche and helps us feel better and relaxed. Regular massage can also positively contribute to overall skin rejuvenation, smoothing fine wrinkles, or even reducing swelling. And thanks to the lymphatic drainage restores the contours of the face.

Procedure: On the cleansed skin apply a few drops of natural oil (guasha – the stone, must not rub on the skin, but it should be sliding). We recommend using oil with a pump that prevents wastage of mess. You can choose from 2 types of oils from us: Cannol Organic Hemp oil is ideally a 100% natural choice for all types of skin, including sensitive and problematic. Cannol Organic Almond oil is enriched with almond oil and skin not only treats but also smells beautiful.

The massage itself is quite simple. We do not press the stone, but we gently run the stone from the center of the face to the lymph nodes. If you are not sure what to do exactly, the Internet is full of illustration videos. We recommend getting inspired before you find what suits you best.

And how will you pamper yourself this year? Share with us on our social networks.